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The "Mühlenhof"

A story of whalers, captains and the love for the island of Sylt

On the east side of the Mühlenhof you will find an old stone tablet "Anno 1737". At that time, Keitum was the economic heart of the island.
However, since the barren soil did not yield much and the kings of Denmark and Schleswig/Holstein were happy to use the male rural population for their wars, many islanders went to sea in the 18th and 19th centuries. 
From the age of 13 many boys signed on on whaling or merchant ships shortly after confirmation and stayed away from home for several months. 
This is how Keitum came to a certain wealth, which can still be felt in the village today. The captains built elaborately brick and decorated houses, which the women looked after while the men went to sea. The old part of the Mühlenhof dates from this time. 

At the beginning of the 19th century, two captains took the risk of expanding Keitum Hafen and using it for a newly built mill not far from the harbour. However, this sanded down again and again and made operation of the mill unprofitable. 

The income from agriculture and seafaring fed the Boysen family until the 1970s.

Elke Boysen leads the house into modern times and rebuilt the courtyard in 1979. The names of the holiday apartments are reminiscent of the history of the house. 

Regardless of the time: The Boysen family connects a lot of love and history with the Mühlenhof and the island of Sylt.

Mühlenhof in Keitum auf Sylt mit Keitumer Kirche und Wattenmeer

Location and surroundings:
The Wadden Sea is only about 100 m.
To the North Sea about 5 km.
An EDEKA market is around the corner (200 m).
The closest swimming pool is in Westerland.
It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the Keitum train station

Data & Facts:
Year of construction: 1737 (or earlier) and 1829
Plot: approx. 6000 m2

​Formerly usages: Captain's house (residential house), oil mill, farm with animal husbandry, military clothing store, refugee accommodation after the Second World War, drinks market, holiday accommodation

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